Let me tell you what I think of the dreaded writer’s block.

It’s a crock of shit! Whaaaaat!!!!

Have I offended you? Do you feel that I have wronged your laziness?
You might not be able to write well in a slump but you can still write. You can still put down words in a coherent fashion (that is if you are a true writer, challenge set!). Write something, write anything, write a moment closely related to the “BLOCK” (I hate even saying it), write something completely outside your comfort zone but write something. When you finally get bored of that or you no longer realise that there was no (cringe to even say it) block, wall, excuse in the first place you will come to the assumption that you are writing again.

All jokes aside.

Setup yourself up with a personal blog for your eyes only. Take the opportunity to spill the thoughts that infest your deepest darkest reaches, or the fluffy light side of your brain if need be and spill forth the insight (or garbage) that you can look back at every time you think (I repeat, think) you are under the spell of the dreaded writers block.

I know deep down you agree with the premise of my opinion, writers write just as the world keeps spinning.