This is the question above all else, though it should read “Why do I write?”

I believe there is only a writer who is split into two categories.

Firstly there is the “Writer”, they may not be good? They might even be horrific but they write and they write often, whether to survive, to express the many stories in their head or to just purge the unending desire to transcribe thought to paper (or screen). If you are in this category then well done, your struggle is no longer hindered by the writer’s archenemy, yourself.

If you come under the next split, the “Lazy non-writing bastards”, then sit back and listen to my story…

“One day I will get back into my novel” I murmur with an unenthusiastic demeanour and put the first 80 pages back in the box.

I was 25 when I start my novel and for 2 decades I edited, re-wrote, re-edited, box, unboxed and changed again and again the same 80 pages that I smashed out in a week. I feel sick just thinking about it. I had no structure, no follow through but above all, I had the desire not to fail.

What, How can you fail if you don’t finish? and that my friends, in a nutshell, is the second writer’s dilemma.