The order of Mashiach


Mashiach translated is “Messiah”

“The belief is that Jesus never died, but survived his ordeal with the help of friends and some well-paid guards and upon his miraculous rising from the dead which was highly exaggerated he went on to have a family, he had a daughter and two sons, his bloodline has been kept alive from that point on and protected by the order of the Mashiach.”

Jesus had no last name. Christ is a title that was given to him. As noted, “Christ” comes from the Greek word “Christos”, which is the translation of the Hebrew word “Mashiach”, from which we derive the word “Messiah”. So, “Messiah” and “Christ” are transliterated words for the same thing. These words mean “anointed one” in their original languages.

*note* the following is not a story but fact transcribed from patched documents and notes found on a hidden server within the Vatican City.

The order of Mashiach was formed during the crucifixion of Christ and was in their mere 30’s, it is believed that the leader of this order was one of the apostles but cannot be confirmed and is the only speculation. The order had raised enough money for a payment to the guards to make the crucifixion look real but to spare his life. He was bound to the crucifix and had a standing board but no nails were used. The records showed different, as this was the report from the paid guards and rarely did the Council scribes venture out to check if the reports were accurate.

The order of Mashiach has had one and only one objective for over 2000 years and that is to keep the bloodline of Christ alive and safe.

Not much is known of how Jesus found his wife but we do know the family settled north of Jericho with the help of the order.

Jesus moved to a securely provided plot of land north of Jericho and started using the Name Joshua, son of Mark. The bloodline comes from his daughter Junia and his son Samuel. His second and youngest son John was killed in a tavern fight in Jericho. It was at this point we saw a change in the Order and the priority went from assisting to protection. The Mashiach Guard was formed and have been in control of all first line “blood” offspring.

There were numerous mentions of the Templars forming an alliance with the order of Mashiach and placing select bloodlines at the heads of their banks, where better to put your assets but in plain sight? As the Templars evolved, the order of Mashiach switched out the bloodline for their own people effectively taking control of the Templar and church banks.

Through the ages, the bloodline has had an army of protectors. They are fanatical and devout to the bloodline; this is their cause and nothing else.

Some prominent people that were mentioned in a single scanned letter as possible connections to the bloodline are Isaac Newton, Abigail Adams, Gregory Peck, James Dean, Golda Meir, Margaret Mead, and Rudy Giuliani.

The bloodlines have also been linked to prominent families throughout the world, the global elite or Shadow government and even the illuminate where they can openly display their power without retribution.

We don’t want to speculate but this is the list found on the server before it was wiped. It is important to mention that our people had to remove as much information as they could before the security wipe was initiated. Once it was discovered that we had access to the system, the Vatican immediately started an erase of the server. We were fortunate enough to gather enough information to piece together this outline

It is estimated that today the order has more than 20,000 members and 135 factions or bloodlines. The core members do nothing else but protect and provide for the current ongoing bloodline for the possible return of the one true messiah.

The bloodline has spread to most parts of the world including all ethnicity but it was not until the 20th Century did the Order start seeing problems within its ranks.

It appears that bloodlines have become a power in themselves and the watchers and protectors had no control over them or some had joined them in their selfish endeavors. There was mention of “The Cleanse” in one document but it did not go into detail and was not complete in its descriptions, it is surmised that it meant to remove the bad bloodlines in a sort of cull.

It also mentioned that people outside the order, that show knowledge or any form of understanding of this age-old secret, do not seem to grace the earth for very long.

If you are reading this then it was successfully uploaded via our shadow/hack crew and has been successfully spread.

Be safe and live long…