The blister on my left foot just burst but there is no pain? And I have been walking for what seems to be a millennium, the voices behind me do not stop but when I turn there is nobody there?

The road behind me is dark and I have no inkling to backtrack what so ever, especially as the road ahead seems so bright and inviting.

I do not know why I am working this road or for a better question where I am I going?

My name is Carl, Carl Benedict and I have a gorgeous and loving wife, Julia, and two beautiful children Shaun and Bree, my pigeon pair. I wonder if they know where I am?

How long have I been strolling along this slowly upward sloping highway that does not change?

Each step seems to be like the last, one foot behind the other, left, right, left and then right.

I don’t understand my predicament or the reason why I am here but it feels peaceful and seems to be a natural evolution in the timeline that is my life.

I feel warm and at peace with every step that I take but still, the distant voices are behind me. Subtle voices, lowly whimpers, the odd crying stranger, but why can I not see them when I turn?

Only the darkness and nothing more.

I push on and the voices become more distant, less favourable, no longer needed or needy.

Bliss seems to be the apparent goal that I am striving for though I don’t know why.

I was happy, in my car, driving home along the road… home… home… but then Darkness?

Then the light…

Then the road…