Short Stories

Short stories are my JAM. Need a filler, pulp drop or just a creative spin to your deapest darkest thoughts? I will create for you an output to your vision worthy of any publication.


Taking a story and breathing life into it is the essence of the creative life itself. No better example is the screen adaptation of any story. For story to script and then to screen, its what we write for. 

Blog Dude

With my military, security, world travelled, consriracy believing, family orientated, sporty,  down to earth, (take a breath) dreamer attitude, I have just what you need for your blog!!! (With a grin)


If you have a project and need some collaboration, or you need a fresh perspective. I will control the direction of any story and inject a little DC magic, but most of all I will see it through to the end.

  • My short based writing starts at 0.05c (up to 0.20c) a word with a minimum 500 word-count for blogs, articles and short fiction. Price is usually dependent on research required and whether the works contacted are for ongoing assignments.
  • All ghost writing is priced subjective to the pre-material provided, required outcome and the size of the job.
  • All work provided is and will always be 100% my own (unless contracted out by request), original and ready for print/post!


I have recently found that I am doing a lot more editing and/or rewriting jobs, not something that I had ever envisaged myself doing but I am now finding them to be more and more a part of my weekly working repertoire. If you are looking for a complete start to finish service that incorporates all the services that are mentioned to the right (Just over there >), please get in contact and reserve one of the few spots I hold for this service. My main priority is to write but when the muse does not visit I can help someone else on their project.

  • Editing and rewriting
  • Story suggestions
  • Review and Critique
  • Self-publishing assistance
  • Online medium promotion
  • Splash site design (Like this site)

But I’m a fellow writer, what can you do for me?