So, you’re stuck in a rut, can see the trees for the forest, blinded by the light or halted by the fog?

What does that all that mean? Let me translate to something you will understand.

I’ll do it tomorrow, when I finish this I will start that, I don’t have the time right now, I am just so busy.

So, what’s the answer? Put down the phone, tablet or remote. Go to the biggest mirror you have and take a good long look at yourself. Then repeat the words that you believe are stopping you out loud and directly at your reflecting. If you believe them and don’t cringe them I am sorry you are so weighted down by the trials and tribulations of life.

However, if you just watched yourself lie to itself then it is time to make a change. Pull your head out of your own (You know what gets inserted here) * and start looking at what you can achieve.

No amount of posters, books or tapes are going to tell you your worth, that is up to you. You know what you can achieve and you know how to do it.

Should there be any area you need help with remembering, GOOGLE is every entrepreneur friend.