Sit back, relax with a coffee and a scented candle and allow me to take you on a wondrous journey through time, a story about growth and development, a coming of age tales for all who wish to hear it…

But the truth of this story is that it has been a hard slog since I built my first web presence back in 1998 to promote my very own comic book for 1999 comic-con in San Diego. MTV was in full swing, we were looking for Waldo, cassettes still existed, the end of the world as we knew it was upon us with Y2K and nobody (I repeat) nobody built their own websites.

I have added a shameless image of our developed comic because I am the blogger and I can!
Ah, the memories, San Diego sunshine, meeting the artist for the first time (he was in Canada and I was in Australia), plus bumping into Stan Lee was the bomb, but I digress.

Well, here we are three decades later, a few gray hairs and more designing platforms and software that I care to recall and we are in the midst of the WordPress phenomenon. Gone are the days of Dreamweaver (if you could afford it) or Netscape Composer, Netobjects Fusion, Allaire Homesite & Coldfusion Studio and BBedit just to mention a few, such horrible, horrible memories and frustration, but on with my story.

And then along came WordPress.

I believe there are really only two different kinds of website developers at this point in time. One is the developer that you contract to do the work for you such as an agency or freelancer, and the second is you!

For now, we are going to skip the former because they will cost you from the beginning of your project and in most cases because you will be able to do the bulk of the work yourself opting only to hire when required. Plus if you are here and reading this then you are more than likely the “Do it yourself” kind of guy (or gal, no offense), so we will push on with my rant.

WordPress started its life in 2003 as a platform for blog’s, if you wanted to get your geek on, star trek, board games, how to cook a burrito and so on you would blog (short for web log). Let’s fast forward to the present day and it has become a fully integrated content management platform that is capable of nearly every conceivable requirement that a website could possibly need. Through the development of plug-ins you can expand your WordPress site into a fully automated e-commerce web development site, a project management system required to run and control multiple crowdfunding projects from different users or a crowdfunding platform itself designed to service a particular region or niche, I chose these three examples because I have built all three in the last 12 months with what I would call great ease (there are always bugs to be sorted in a big project) and many, many more. WordPress, what can I say apart from WOW!

I have added a beautiful video tutorial by Tyler Moore for you to get a grasp of the basics, if you like his stuff then please subscribe to his channel. I ask every client that takes control of their own site after a build to watch him and search for others to keep skill and knowledge at a base level. Remember youtube is your friend in the quest for knowledge.



I have just about come to the end of my little story, rant, blog but would like to leave you with these words.

Anybody with the get-up and go can fulfill their dreams and launch a WordPress site with minimal effort. If you want to see your world change then you have to embrace the world as it changes.

Carpe Diem

OzVille Studios