“The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about.”

― Oscar Wilde

Only for the creative!      

To be seen is not enough, but to be remembered is just what the doctor ordered.

Not only do I write, I produce stunning and vibrant web presences for a variety of developers and clientele.

Let’s face it, writing alone rarely pays the bills so this is my other source of income and I am good at it.

My offer to you as a writer is the opportunity to have your own stunning and personalised site that promotes your skills and abilities to the world and your potential customers.

This site alone has over tripled my reactive response rate and the working projects that I have been able to accept.

I am offering the following…

  • Fully custom built site to suit you (Just like mine)
  • A free sub-domain – YOURNAME.drunkenclarity.com
  • Full SEO integration and a basic promotion package
  • Free hosting for a year – $25 basic package yearly after that
  • Access to my writer’s forum where you can find work, collaborations,  contests, critiques and much more!
  • Access to cheap domain registration from my own seller
  • Addition to my writer’s pool for possible work – You must actually be able to provide your skills – there is a vetting process for this

Total cost and only for fellow writers is a one-off $150 (plus $25 a year basic upkeep)

Once the DRUNKENCLARITY group of users reaches a profitable level there will be opportunities for our writers (group wide) to be sponsored for entrance into paid contest such as Screencraft.org and those through PW.org – The dream is to work together and provide an oppertunity where there was none before.