FPR Trading are the quintessential players when it comes to fibreglass industry within Malaysia and its entire region plus the quality products that they produced.
FRP Trading not only creates exceptional Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) products that including custom made orders, they also supply commercial order that covers an exceptionally large range of products for the private residential and business sector.
Having a history dating back to January 2003, this makes FPR one or the oldest and most experienced leaders in the fibreglass industry within the whole Malaysian region providing a wide range of products, such as FRP Pipe & Fitting, FRP Ducts, FRP Centrifugal Fan, FRP Chimney, FRP Grating, FRP Door, FRP Scrubber, FRP Tanks, FRP Handrails, FRP Panel Tank, FRP Cables and FRP Lining and last but not least the FRP water slide just to mention a few.
FRP as a company provides a constant push towards the benchmark limits of excellence so that they can not only catch up to but surpass the global FRP standards and requirements. The company entity has achieved milestones across borders by completing several FRP projects for Europe, Australia, Middle East, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.
FPR Trading are confident that they are able to provide excellent services to their clients and also produce the results for their customers that are required with the highest FRP quality products that are needed.
FPR Trading specializes in the theme park industry, in particular, water slides. They also specialize in the making of furniture, custom made sculpture, bus accessories and roof top air conditioners, chrome spray paint, swimming pool accessories and many other fibreglass based products.
FPR Trading always has price in mind, not all customers can afford a water slide of their very own so they try to produce products priced to fit the market, not all companies are out to corner the market. By having a stable hand in the current market FRP can produce and provide the right products at the right prices and induce a new market listing of products for the average consumer.

FPR Trading is committed to excellence and quality, they will only release a product and send it to a client once it has passed their rigorous testing and inspection process. Safety and quality are very important to FPR Trading to the point that you will never see a product before its testing phase.

FPR Trading is always available for questions and queries from the general public regarding any and all subjects that might be in question, there are no issues or questions to big or out of line when it comes to product safety and stability.

As a general rule of thumb, FRP Trading would like to wish you the best for the future and would hope that you would see yourself ready to buy the correct fibre glass products that the Malaysian region has to offer.

This has been an FRP sponsored article and the entire company wishes you well in life and love.