This is your chance to ask anything your heart desires. As long as you don’t desire a heart?

If you wish to collaborate, hire or just annoy me, now is your chance.

I usually do not (repeat do not) work pro bono but there has been the exception when a project was just too juicy for me not to be a part of, but generally, I still need to pay the bills.

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Let me leave you with this thought…

Please take my ramblings and dark humour for what it is, “tongue in cheek”, though I’m sure there is a horror reference in that somewhere.

In a world as obsessed with technology and material wealth as we are, why then do we invent ways to regress to where we should not be…

Should you find that this statement is benign in your mind, you can always chew it over whilst looking at other peoples kids, their meals cooked, and the lives others live on your Facebook connections, you could also chill out with a game of work/farm/goat simulator, candy crush and flappy bird.

Or you could do what I do and go for a walk (preferably with your kin) and live it for real, smell the world and taste its pleasures!