The name speaks volumes for my state of mind…

Its all about me!

In a nutshell I have lived a full and varied life. From country living to the concrete jungle and twice wearing different military uniforms for my country. I have been married for 30 years (since my teens) and I have survived super aggressive cancer. Life has had some swings at me and I have smashed them back with a smile each and every time…     Carpe Diem…

  • Goals Achieved (A wild guess)  45%
  • Stuff that changed my life! 87%
  • Countries I have Visited Globally 13%
  • Cancer Survivor (So far) 100%

Horror and the Macabre

My true scribing passion lies within the words of Horror. I enjoy writing not only in but truly about the Darkness.

Sci-fi and Dystopian

My preferred genre would be Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian societies and Earth-based modern science fiction.

Fantasy in all its Magical Glory

My first venture into writing was fantasy, being a true Gemmell and Eddings (David & Leigh) fan I was destined to follow.


I either pen for you an original piece from scratch or you send me your thoughts and I dissect them like a “literature” frog.


Draft, demand, expand. The age old I show you and you ask of me always works well in the world of writing, to a point!


The words in your mind are put to stone and you see your story in its full basking glory.

No, No & No!!!

I will not touch any work that requires a non-ethical, non-moral or just plain wrong direction in its story telling, no exceptions!

Good and Evil

I love to shift the balance of power in a story, plus I enjoy seeing the villains side win a few battles, so be prepared.

Structure is Foremost

All works must have a clear objective before I start, I see what you see only when you see it. Ramblers do not make a story!

Blogs to Die For!

I write blogs for various mediums but will choose the entertainment world over all others, movies, books, games and so on & on & on…

Blogs to learn from...

Having a tech background I can provide blogs on just about any technical, mechanical, educational or nerdy cluster of words required.

Content writing

I saved the coffin for last. Not my favorite skillset but sites need quality content and business writing. Believe me, I “KILL IT” in this area.