From the Darkness come the Light!

Beyond these pages you will find only the scribbles of a broken man.

I know this to be fact , you see I am the one who broke him!

Drunken Clarity


I am all EARS!

I may also have a few toes and fingers laying around here and there,
but seriously if you just want to get in contact, push the button below.

Be warned… Once you go down that road your life will be forever changed!


I love nothing more than to fulfill the needs and wishes of the client when it comes to the art of “Pen to Paper” or more aptly “Fingers to keys”

Master of Imagination

Concept story boarding and development from thoughts. If you have the base idea or plan to your madness, I will help you expand it to the concept you need. 


Having worked with short stories, scripts, comics & gaming related ideas, to mention a few, I cherish the chance to be challenged.